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Time to Time, there shall be new dhammatalks uploaded in this space. Kindly do not make personal recording & publication of talks without speakers' knowledge.  



For short retreat organizers, you may download the pdf for 

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The Very Quiet Studio has been editing ALL BV dhammatalks and recording talks at some short retreats that have respectful and heedful audio helpers, since 2006. 


The present BV audio recording method and amplifier wattage recommendation were also devised through consultation with audio professionals over the years.


All the dhammatalks shall be archived and organized. Each talk is released only per Sayalay's request. You may send recordings to brahmaviharibv@gmail.com 


Abbess Sayalay Dīpaṅkara Theri Dhammatalks

Talks with the "download arrow underscore" can be downloaded  in mp3 format

Ten anusati & 8 jhana

10 anusati, anapanasati to 8 jhana Eng Only BV Feb 2009 - Sayalay Dipankara
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Ten anusati recorded at Cameron Highland Sep 2015 with Chinese translation

10 anusati 20 Sep 2015 Cameron Retreat with CN translation - Sayalay Dipankara
00:00 / 00:00

Sayalay Dipankara in Singapore on Dhamma Essentials 

Dhamma Essentials 14 May 2011 Eng Only - Sayalay Dipankara
00:00 / 00:00