Retreat Time


This is the basic retreat schedule for every day.


Only Breakfast & Lunch are taken throughout the full retreat; all abide by 8 Precepts unless due to medical conditions. 


Noble Silence is strictly observed

at all times. Any meditator may be asked to leave if he/she persists in disturbing other meditators.


meditation retreat schedule

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meditation retreat schedule

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Brahma Vihari Meditation Centre (Maymyo) 2018 Meditation Retreat

梵住禅院(缅甸) 2018年禅修营


We are pleased to announce that Brahma Vihari Meditation Centre (Maymyo) in Myanmar will be hosting a one month retreat, conducted by Sayalay Dipankara.




Retreat Date                             :  15 January to 10 February 2018

禅修日期                                       : 1月15日 至2月10日2018年

Registration Closing Date   :  30th September 2017 or when quota is reached.

报名截止日期                             : 9月30日2017年或名额满即截止.


For those who are unable to attend the full retreat period, the part time retreat dates available are:

  1. 15th Jan to 28th Jan 2018 (first 2 weeks)  Or

  2. 29th Jan to 10th Feb 2018 (last 2 weeks).

Please select your retreat period attendance accordingly in the online form and kindly note that application for other part time retreat dates will not be accepted.


For ease of administration, please submit your application online even if you have obtained verbal consent from the teacher to participate in the 2018 retreat.



1)1月15日 至1月28日2018年 (前两周)或者

2)1月29日 至2月10日2018年(后两周)。






Please click here for more retreat information and rules 详细禅修营资讯与规则 – 请电击这里

Invitation for 2018 retreat dana (donations) 禅修营布施邀请 


We are pleased to extend our invitation for meal dana during the retreat period.

The meal expenses during this retreat period is USD600 per day.  

If you would like to make a meal donation offer, please click here to submit the meal donation form.




If you would like to make other contributions towards Brahma Vihari Meditation Centre, the General Fund is also open for donations.  For more information on how to make an offering, please email to:  Please put the subject title as "Enquiry on dana".


若您想供养其他费用,也可布施中心的日常活动基金。 关于供养其他费用的详情,请电邮至。 电邮主题请输入“布施讯问”。


Thank you.  Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!




Brahma Vihari Meditation Centre (Maymyo)



Please click here to register online.